Italian Catering Service in Amsterdam

We are Zenzero Catering

We have been specialising in this sector for 5 years now, thanks to a continuous meeting point with our clients and their feedback, which has enabled us to put in place an Italian catering service that is suitable and customised for every type of event. In fact, we cater for weddings, private parties, company meetings and school canteens.

Our strong point? It is certainly the Italian Mediterranean cuisine that features many Sicilian recipes accompanied by a pinch of creativity to make the dishes even tastier and more enveloping to the palate of our customers. Our mission:

  • Educating about the importance of the relationship between food and health
  • Promoting the adoption of healthy eating habits
  • Raising awareness of the agri-food sector
  • Promoting transversal food education
  • Encouraging social food interaction

What we do

Do you need one of our services?

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