School Canteen Service

What we do

The school cantine is a place where students, staff and other guests enjoy special dishes prepared with love and share them together. We really care about children’s nutrition cooking as only a mother can do for his child. We prepare only healthy meals using exclusively fresh and seasonal products. We ensure that the portion sizes are appropriate for the age of the children and there will always be a vegetarian option available. We work so that the lunch break of your child becomes a moment of pleasure for everyone. We prepare delicious and varied menus, which surprise in the flavors and that meet the specific needs of any intolerances and allergies. We follow the rules and regulations set out in relation to HACCP, hygiene, occupational health and safety. We also think is extremely important introduce to the children the concept of Food Education.



Food and Health

Increase awareness of the importance of the relationship between food and health

Healthy eating habits

Promote the adoption of healthy eating habits


Promote the knowledge the agri-food system

Food Education

Promote the transversality of Food Education

Social Interaction

Promote a concept of overall social interaction food